Snow day

Friday rolled around and the snow started. Winter Storm Jonas (aka Snowzilla) came in with full force. School was cancelled (just like my trip home from Georgia). Lots of snow and wind - not something you want to be out in. The girls did manage to get out of the house in the morning before the storm got going, but they were not going outside after it began.

When stuck at home during a snow storm, make Star Wars Perler bead projects! First up, Leah made Princess Leia and Molly made BB-8.

Leia and BB-8

Next, a green lightsaber (Molly) and a purple lightsaber (Leah). Oh, and a viola with bow (Molly). Not sure which Star Wars movie that was in :)

Lightsabers and violas

Saturday morning came, and the storm only got stronger. It was going to be awful outside, so the girls stayed inside in their jammies all day. Of course, that meant it was time for more Perler beads! Leah made Luke Skywalker, while Molly made R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Luke, R2D2, and C-3PO

That evening it was still snowing, so the girls played some games. Here they are playing Trouble.


And then they played some Uno Attack.

Uno Attack

While they stayed inside in the warm, the snow kept falling. Here’s a view of the door in our basement toward the end of the storm. I don’t think we’ll be going out that door any time soon.

A lot of snow

The screens on our screened in porch stopped most of the snow, but the finer stuff still got through.

Screened in porch

The snow finally stopped late Saturday night. According to reports, we got around 27 inches of snow, setting a new record for a single storm.

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