Orlando Favorites

After our trip, I decided to ask all the members of the family about their favorite parts of the trip. I thought it might be a fun way to close out the recap of the trip. So, here they are, in their own words.

Which park was your favorite?

  • Molly - Hollywood Studios because all the Star Wars stuff was there and Jedi Training was awesome
  • Leah - Hollywood Studios ‘cause of all the Star Wars stuff
  • Jen - Magic Kingdom
  • Chad - Hollywood Studios

What were your 3 favorite activities of the trip?

  • Molly
    1. Jedi Training
    2. Star Tours
    3. Thunder Mountain
  • Leah
    1. Jedi Training
    2. Star Tours
    3. Barnstormer
  • Jen
    1. Festival of the Lion King
    2. Magic Kingdom evening show (Electrical Parade/Celebrate the Magic/Wishes Nighttime Spectacular)
    3. Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Chad
    1. Jedi Training
    2. Star Tours
    3. Thunder Mountain

What was your favorite thing on each day?

  • Epcot
    • Molly - Agent P’s adventure - especially, like, showing us Perry’s locked in, Agent S, like his cage. And they tell us to get away quick, Doofenshmirtz might be coming back
    • Leah - Spaceship Earth
    • Jen
      • Turtle Talk with Crush
      • American Music Machine
    • Chad - Test Track
  • Magic Kingdom
    • Molly
      • Thunder Mountain - my favorite part was like when we had, like, the turns
      • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - the part I liked the best was when we were like going up, and we see all the dwarfs, and they’re like singing “Hi ho!”
    • Leah
      • Barnstormer
      • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
      • Thunder Mountain
    • Jen - Magic Kingdom evening show (Electrical Parade/Celebrate the Magic/Wishes Nighttime Spectacular)
    • Chad - Thunder Mountain
  • Legoland
    • Molly - Coastersaurus. My favorite part was at the place where they take your picture. My least favorite part was when there’s the two big drops.
    • Leah
      • Double-decker carousel
      • Star Wars stuff
      • the ski show
    • Jen - Apple Fries
    • Chad - Star Wars section
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Molly - Jedi Training
    • Leah
      • Building lightsaber and droids
      • Star Tours
      • Jedi Training
    • Jen
      • Toy Story Midway Mania
      • Frozen Sing-Along
      • Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage
    • Chad - Jedi Training
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Molly - meeting Minnie and Mickey
    • Leah - What was the thing when you sat and saw all the animals? Safari
    • Jen - Festival of the Lion King
    • Chad - Kilimanjaro Safaris

What was your favorite meal?

  • Molly - Sanaa because for dessert we got to make our own butterfly-winged cookies
  • Leah
    • Cinderella’s Castle - cause the chicken nuggets were so good. And also cause you got to meet princesses.
    • And Sanaa, where you got to make your own cookie, and cause I got to see zebras, and cause the pizza was so good.
  • Jen - Sanaa
  • Chad - Sanaa

What was your least favorite thing?

  • Molly - the Haunted Mansion
  • Leah - the Haunted Mansion
  • Jen - Star Tours
  • Chad - the Haunted Mansion

The girls are already asking when we can go again. I told them that next time, I want to go to Universal Studios so we can go to Harry Potter World, but we shouldn’t do that until Leah had read at least the first couple of books. So, as soon as she does that, we’ll start planning a trip. Maybe it’ll give her some motivation to work on her reading skills in the mean time.

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