Cinderella’s Royal Table

During our Magic Kingdom day, we had our fanciest dinner of all. We had left the park for some rest in the afternoon, but headed back in for dinner and evening activities. Here we are with our dinner destination in the background - Cinderella’s Royal Table high up in Cinderella’s Castle.

Headed to dinner

Before heading up to the dining room, we got to meet our host. Cinderella always makes sure to greet all her guests as they enter.

Greeted by our hostess

We then headed up for some excellent service in a fancy (and expensive) restaurant. But we were not the only guests. There were a bunch of princesses there to come around and greet everyone.

Snow White was the first princess to come around. Trying to temper expectations, I told the girls that it may be a while before she got to our table, as there were a lot of people to greet and we were likely not the first table she’d come to. I was wrong. We were the first table she (and all the other princesses) came to say hello.

Hi Snow White

She was happy to give her autograph, have a chat with the girls, and take a photo.

Snow White's autograph

Snow White at dinner

After she left, our waitress said she didn’t tell us we were at table number 1 because she didn’t want to ruin the surprise. It definitely was not ruined. Next was Aurora.

Aurora at dinner

And then Ariel, who was as fun as always.

Chat with Ariel

And last was Jasmine.

Jasmine's signature

Jasmine at dinner

Meeting the characters at their meet-and-greet spots is fun, but having them come to your table while you eat dinner is even better.

The meal was good, though not as good as you might like for such an expensive meal. That said, the White Chocolate-Jasmine Tea Mousse that I got for dessert was outstanding, and very unique. I’ve never had anything like it before.

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