Train museum

We live quite close to old Ellicott City, which has a train museum. During they holidays, they set up model train displays, so we thought we’d go check them out. Here’s the first train we saw.


The most exciting display was the Lego trains. It was huge, with lots of buildings and trains. Lego aficionados bring their own Legos to construct all these things. In all, there are around half a million Lego bricks in the display.

Lego trains

Another look

One more angle

Leah and Grampa peer in at the Lego trains.

Peering in

Leah and Molly both rang the big bell. I don’t know that Leah is sure about this.

Saved by the bell

More trains, though Leah’s not sure about it this time.


They had one real train car (a caboose) to check out.

Train car

Four of us

The girls take a seat in the caboose.

In the caboose

We then walked over to Johnny’s Bistro in old Ellicott City for some lunch. It was absolutely delicious. And, while we waited for a table, we dropped in to Southwest Connection & Silver Arrow Fudge to pick up some fudge for later (yum!).

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