First orchestra concert

While I was away, Molly had her first orchestra concert. She’s been learning to play viola since October, and has really improved. I was sad to miss the concert, but it was on the same day as the funeral.

Below is a video of the Beginning Orchestra from her school. That’s the third graders. The school also had the Advanced Orchestra, Beginning Band, and Advanced Band play as well as the Chorus sing, but you don’t get to see them here (Molly’s not in those). Molly is in the video, but sadly you can't see her for most of it. She's front and center with her viola, right behind one of the music stands.

She did great. We’re so proud of how well she’s done and how committed to learning the instrument she’s been. We can’t wait to see how far she comes.

After her concert, Molly posed for a picture with her viola. Note that she was required to wear black and white, so Jen made a white tunic for her to wear (using the same pattern as the one she wore on Christmas Eve.

Viola concert

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  1. Aunt Jan says:

    This is awesome! it’s wonderful that Molly is learning to play the viola. In addition to learning a musical instrument, there are a number of skills that are learned and developed by playing in a group setting — listening skills (to yourself and to other players), following a conductor, teamwork, and of course musicianship. Participating in orchestra, band, or chorus is really good for the brain. It looks like you have a good orchestra program in Molly’s school. I’m very proud of her!

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