Christmas Day continues

After opening presents, it was time for more fun (and lots of pictures of everyone there). Molly immediately broke out her new karaoke stand to rock out. And yes, that’s some wrapping elastic in her hair.

Karaoke star

Hello again, Grammy. Merry Christmas to you.

Hello again

Charlie often keeps his hands in the air like he just does not care.

Hands in the air

And here’s Charlie sleeping on his paternal grandfather. He sleeps a lot. Like a baby.

Sleeping some more

Jen was a busy bee at her sewing machine this Fall. She bought fabric to make Aunt EA, Grams, Aunt Caroline, and Aunt ‘Chelle (in Birmingham) matching infinity scarves.

Matching scarves

The scarves around their necks seem to have had an interesting effect on the expressions on their faces.

Funny faces

Four generations

Four generations

And now the whole family. I believe this the first picture of this whole group. Kids, parents, uncles, aunts, grandmother, and great grandmother.

The whole family

I even got to hold Charlie a bit.

Uncle and nephew

That evening, we played a little Uno Attack (a new game Leah received from her cousins). It’s lots of fun when the cards start shooting out (assuming they’re not shooting at you).

Uno Attack

Merry Christmas to all!

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