Meet your cousin

While Jen and I got to meet Charlie at the hospital, Molly and Leah were not so lucky. Fortunately, Charlie came home from the hospital yesterday, which meant Molly and Leah got to meet their new cousin. They were so excited to meet this sweet little guy.

Meet your cousin

Of course, they were excited to hold Charlie. Molly was all smiles for her little cousin.

Holding Charlie

Charlie checks out the world; Molly checks out his face; Jen and Leah check out his feet.

Check him out

Charlie is really studying Molly here.

Stare down

Leah loved to touch Charlie’s soft little face.

Soft face

Charlie has soft chubby cheeks, but his hands are old man hands. Long, thin, wrinkled fingers. Here they are up close.

Old man hands

Old man hands

Eventually, his mom did get a chance to hold him.

With Mommy

The girls gave Jen a chance to hold him, but they didn’t go far.

With Aunt Jen

Molly loved chilling with Charlie, but she also would get tired of it and want to get up. Leah, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of him.

Not leaving

So cute!


It didn’t take long before he was back in Leah’s lap.

Back to Leah

Leah could not stop stroking his hair.

Hair stroking

Yay for Charlie! And good luck to Aunt EA and Uncle Scott. We can’t wait to see you guys again.

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