Getting a Christmas tree

As we have done for the past five years, we went to Greenway Farms in Woodbine to cut down our Christmas tree. Again, we opted for a White Pine (which they sell for only $25 regardless of how tall it is!). So, we made our way to the row of White Pines and looked for the best one. Here are Jen and the girls in front of our pick.

Wrong tree

Unfortunately, when I went to cut it down I found a problem. It had 2 smaller trunks that split just above ground level. Had I cut it down, I would have ended up with 2 disconnected trunks that happened to be tangled up. Fortunately, we had gone back and forth between this one and a different one, so it was easy to make a different choice.

Here they are with our final tree. This one did have a split, but it was up near the top. So, it wasn’t a problem. If you think the tree looks big, you’re right. It measured 10 feet 4 inches from the ground. Our family room has a 9 foot ceiling.

Much better

The tree farm is next to a horse farm. So, naturally Molly wanted to pose with a horse.


Tune in next time to see how our giant tree fit in our house.

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