Decorating the tree

As soon as we got our Christmas tree, the girls started asking when we could decorate it. Fortunately, the wait was not long (2 days).

Tree decorating

In the beginning, the girls told Jen they could handle the big tree, and she could stick to the little tiny one.


Fortunately, the tree is wide enough to get close to the love seat. It can be a helpful tool in reaching a bit higher.

Couch lift

To reach even higher, you can stand on the love seat arm, though you need a hand to steady you.

Even higher

And then sometimes you need even more height and have to pull out the ladder.



The girls in this family need as much help reaching up high as they can. And with this big tree, I ended up on the ladder a lot as well.

Need more height

One nice thing about a tree this big - you don’t have to pick and choose ornaments to go on. There’s room for them all.

Fully ornamented

Here’s what it looks like all lit up.

Final tree

Here’s the tree with a bit of the rest of the room for size comparison. I think this is the biggest tree we’ve ever had in terms of girth. I cut a good bit off the bottom and a bit off the top so it would fit under our 9 foot ceiling (barely), but it’s also really big around. Watching TV is slightly more difficult than usual, but we really enjoy this awesome tree.

Big tree

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