Christmas Day

Unlike last year, both girls got a good night sleep. They did get up early (around 6:00, they say), but not ridiculously early. They waited patiently till 7:00 (the time we told them they could wake us). Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (as we always do) and headed downstairs. There we found that Santa had not missed our house. I think Molly’s excited at what he brought her.

Christmas morning


The girls are really into Star Wars, so we got them some Star Wars themed gifts. These pajamas were the first they opened.

Star wars pajamas

These shirts continued the theme, and were the perfect thing to wear to see The Force Awakens in the theater two days later (tickets were already purchased).

Star Wars shirts

Molly was excited to model her new hoodie with her karate dojo’s logo.

Karate hoodie

After opening presents at our house, we hopped in the car and headed over to Grams’s house to continue the present party. We always go in age order, which means Leah has always been first. Not this year, though - Charlie is the new first. But Leah didn’t have to wait long before it was her turn. This vest will keep her warm if this winter ever gets cold.


One of the hot toys for the girls now are Shopkins, so Leah was very excited to get this set. All the Shopkins are now set up in their room.


Uncle Scott is a Star Wars fan as well, so Jen made him a R2D2 apron, which will go perfectly with his R2D2 measuring cups from Aunt Caroline (next to his elbow).

R2D2 apron

After opening pajamas for baby Charlie and being impressed that Jen made them, Aunt EA and Uncle Scott were stunned at the knight hoodie that Jen made for Charlie to wear when he’s a little bigger. Uncle Scott and Aunt Caroline have already placed orders for adult versions!

Knight hoodie

Leah got a plush Fear toy though her expression appears to be one of Joy.

Fear or joy

We had a few mix-ups on our gift list this year, so Jen was amused at a duplicate set of bowls that Grams gave her.


After some intense present opening, Charlie was in need of some reset. Aunt Caroline was happy to provide a place for him to lay his head.

Nap time

Here they are from a bit further back so you can see Aunt Caroline as well.

Further out

That wasn’t all the Christmas fun, but that seems like enough for today. Tune in tomorrow as the fun continues.

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