Memphis trip

In October, we flew to Memphis to visit G’Mom and Grampa. Aunt ‘Chelle, Uncle J, Emmie, and JJ drove up to meet us there for a family weekend.

Our first night in Memphis, the girls requested to read The Book with No Pictures at bedtime. Emmie had never read it, and the girls were excited to share the hilarity with her.

Memphis reading

The hospital Grampa works at was holding the Pumpkin Run while we were in town, and we decided to join in the fun. It included a 5K, a 400m kids fun run, and a costume contest. Molly and Leah had to wear last year’s costumes as this year’s costumes were not ready yet.

Costumed kids

The event wasn’t just a run. They had lots of things to do, including this inflatable obstacle course.

Extra fun

The kids were ready to run. Well, at least the girls were.

Kids run

Emmie is fast - she was the first of our family to finish the race.

Fast cousin

Molly finished strong.

Molly finishes

And Leah was close behind.

Leah close behind

All the kids got medals.


Here are the runners/walkers for the 5K. Aunt ‘Chelle and Uncle J were kind enough to stay with the kids so the rest of us could run/walk.

Ready to run

I managed to run my best 5K in a long time thanks to the relatively flat course. I came in under 26 minutes, which isn’t that fast, but isn’t super slow either.

Bob ran as well (more on that later), and Jen and Susan walked together. Jen and Susan thought about stopping at the 2 mile mark, but decided to push through to walk the entire 5K.

Walking it all

They were greeted at the finish line by a waiting little girl.


And here’s all of us after the race.

All of us

Our family won our category in the costume contest. Yet another victory for the Super Sellers.

Costume contest

G’Mom won 3rd place in her age category.


A congratulatory hug for G’Mom.


Grampa won 3rd place for his age group as well.

Grampa too

Grampa got a hug for his victory as well.


The kids ate a lot of pizza while we were in Memphis, which they were very happy about. Here they are eating pizza for lunch on Saturday. They’d already had pizza for dinner the night before, and at the race earlier that morning.


Memphis is known for its barbecue, and the Commissary is one of the best places to get it. It doesn’t have a lot of room, and you’ll have to wait a while for a table, but it’s so good. I’ve been cutting back on my calories, so I saved as many as possible (including those from the 5K that morning) to allow me to really enjoy this meal. Those were some delicious calories (1,548 by my count).

Memphis barbecue

On Sunday morning, the kids were all enlisted to ring the hour at the start of the church service.

Ringing the hour

G’Mom and Grampa’s bell choir played a couple songs during the church service.

Bell choir

Here’s all of us after church.

All of us

And then it wasn’t long until we were back at the airport headed home. Thanks to G’Mom and Grampa for hosting us.

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