Karate continues (and ends)

There are a bunch of things I’ve failed to post about here. I’ve meant to catch up on them for some time, but failed. Today I’ll try to start to catch up.

Back in August, the girls hit another karate milestone. Leah completed yet another unit at karate, so it was time for another stripe ceremony. Leah led the class in some jumping jacks during warm up exercises.

Stripe ceremony

Here she is showing off some of her skills (punching, blocking, kicking).


High block


The preschool class even got to try out using pads, though they still didn’t make contact.

With pads

Nice kick

Here she is getting her stripe.


She’s now got 3 stripes on her belt. And that’s all she’ll have for a while, as she’s decided to take a break from karate. With kindergarten starting, we’ve limited her to two activities. She chose gymnastics and tennis for now, so no karate for her this Fall.

All done

Once Leah was done, it was time for Molly’s belt test, and she’s grinning with excitement.

Belt test

A minute later, she’s serious and ready to go.

Get serious

Here she is doing her Elbow Kata.

Elbow kata

Sensei even hits them in the stomach to test their strength.

Strength test

Molly’s getting better at sparring.


She earned her blue stripe (half way to a blue belt).

Getting her stripe

Here she is with her yellow belt with blue stripe. And she’s not stopping there. Her sister may be taking a break from karate, but Molly plans to continue with it for the foreseeable future.

All done

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