In preparation for Halloween, Jen got the girls some giant pumpkins, that we tried to carve at a party. We had some difficulties with tools there, though. Leah elected to paint her pumpkin, but Molly brought hers home to try again.

Pumpkin carving

The biggest preparation for Halloween is of course the costumes, though. Thanks to Jen, these are always awesome.

Since our trip to Callaway Gardens this summer, Molly has been in love with owls. So, she of course wanted to be one for Halloween. Jen planned to make these feathers and attach them to a hoodie, but she couldn’t find a girls brown hoodie. So, she just made the hoodie. She also made the mask, the skirt, and the leggings.

Also note the pumpkin Molly carved in the background. Yes, it’s an owl as well.

Owl costume

Leah had a lot of trouble picking a costume, but eventually decided to be Mittens Fluff ’n Stuff, one of the Lalaloopsy girls. Jen made the wig, shirt, leggings, socks, and vest. She was going to make a skirt until Leah reminded her she already owned a perfect skirt (though Jen did add the waistband to it). Jen and Leah together sewed the pet polar bear accessory.

The pumpkin in the back was painted by Leah as well.

Mittens Fluff 'n Stuff

These were all the costumes this year. The girls wanted to pick their own costumes rather than do a family costume. So, Jen and I went without costumes.


As usual, the elementary school has a costume parade. Leah enjoyed her first time dressing up and marching at school. She especially loved that her costume included a toy, which meant she could have that toy at school all day.

Costume parade

Molly of course marched as well. No surprise she was in line behind Jordan.

Costume parade

On Halloween day, trick-or-treating started early on Halloween with a trip to visit Grams.

Early trick-or-treat

Thanks Grams from some happy trick-or-treaters.

Thanks Grams

As we’ve done before, we gathered with some of the neighborhood kids to go trick-or-treating. This year we gathered a bit earlier to get a head start.

Neighborhood trick-or-treaters

We stuck with Jordan, Haley, and Madison again as we visited house after house gathering candy.


To close it out, here’s Molly’s lit-up owl jack-o'-lantern after a long night of greeting our trick-or-treaters.

Owl jack-o'-lantern

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