Caroline’s wedding

The big event in August was Aunt Caroline’s wedding. Sorry for the delay in blogging about it.

Caroline and Charles chose to have the wedding in St. Mary’s, Maryland, where they had gone to college. That’s about a two hour drive from where we live. The ceremony was held outdoors in history St. Mary’s City. Unfortunately, it was a bit damp for the rehearsal (but not for the ceremony itself, thankfully).


The rehearsal dinner was held in Solomon’s Island at The Lighthouse.

Rehearsal dinner

Molly was excited to see what her dessert would be.



The morning of the wedding, Crystal drove down to do everyone’s hair (well, not mine). She even helped a little bit with the girls’ hair.


Getting ready

Ready to go

The bride and groom took pictures before the wedding.

Bride and Groom

Here are the four of us all ready to do our part in the wedding. Jen is a bridesmaid, the girls are pinwheel girls (more on that later), and I am the musician. And yes, I wore a hat. I’ve learned that it’s necessary with a lack of hair up top during outdoor events. Plus it fit the entire vibe of the wedding.

Our family

Caroline surprised me by asking me to serve as the music for the wedding. She gave me a couple songs to learn, and I did my best.

My role

Mother of the bride

Mother of the bride

Jen the bridesmaid. All the bridesmaids picked their own navy blue dresses. So, Jen of course made her own.

Bridesmaid Jen

The girls were pinwheel girls (instead of flower girls). Pinwheels were used throughout the wedding and reception in place of flowers. Also, note the cute dresses the girls are wearing. Jen made them too.

Pinwheel girls

If you know Caroline, you can guess that the ceremony was a bit more comical than your average wedding.

Fun ceremony



Our side of the family

Our side of the family

The four of us

Four of us

Attack the kids

Rather than have a cake, Caroline and Charles decided to have a tower of donuts. So, instead of feeding each other cake, they fed each other donuts.


No surprise - Molly and Leah were first in line to eat some donuts.

First in line

The entertainment at the reception after the ceremony was fun as well, including some frisbee.

Family frisbee

Frisbee throwing

And of course finishing the fun with some bubbles

Blowing bubbles

Thanks to Noe Todovorich Photography for many of the pictures here. I took several of these, but I was a bit busy most of the time.

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