On Thursday while the kids were in camp, the adults all headed to TreeTop, a high ropes and zipline course at Callaway. Jen and I have done stuff like this before, so we knew we’d enjoy it. It was a bit more novel to some of the others in our group, but everyone had a lot of fun.

Jen and I are ready to go.

The two of us

And here’s the whole group.


Here’s Jen on the ropes course toward the beginning looking very comfortable.


G’Mom, on the other hand, was a bit less familiar with high ropes courses and consequently a lot less comfortable.

New adventure

Here she is on the first real zipline (they had a short training one at the beginning of the course to learn how to do it). I believe this may have also been her first ever time on a zipline.

Uncle J and Aunt ‘Chelle are making there way through.

Here we go

This obstacle is a bit wobbly.


Despite the wobbly obstacle, Jen doesn’t need to hold on to anything.

No hands

These swinging logs are an early challenge.

Swinging logs

Jen found a nice spot to wait on the rest of us.

Waiting spot

Go Grampa!

Go Grampa

Here I am in my bright yellow shirt. Note I am actually wearing tennis attire as I hoped to go play tennis after this. I was not able to do so, though, as this took much longer than I anticipated.


The ropes course was right next to (and occasionally over) the lake. Here are Jen and I by the lake.

Us and a lake

And here we each are on the zipline (not at the same time, of course).

G’Mom can walk the tight wire with the best of them.

High wire

Uncle J and Aunt ‘Chelle found a nice spot for a short date.

Nice date location

Stretch, Grampa.


It took a bit more than an hour and a half to finish the course, but that wasn’t the end. There was then another course - the lake course. This was a much shorter ropes course with some much longer zip lines.

Still going

Soon, we had to climb this giant ladder to get extremely high before the long ziplines.

Giant ladder

After the giant ladder, it was time to zipline across part of the lake.

Lake zipline

Here’s a video of Aunt ‘Chelle as she rides the zipline across the lake.

After taking the zipline across the lake, the very next thing to do was to turn around and take another zipline back.

Zipline back

G’Mom made it through the whole course, including the long ziplines at the end. She earned her “I survived TreeTop” T-shirt. Here she is on the zipline back across the lake.

After the ziplines across the lake, there were just a couple more short ziplines to finish out the course.

The end

TreeTop was a lot of fun, and everyone completed the entire thing. If you’re ever there, definitely do not skip the lake course, as it was the best part (if you like long zippiness).

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