TreeTop for kids

The adults weren’t the only ones to enjoy TreeTop. In fact, Molly was actually the first of us to enjoy it. Monday, while on our kayaking outing, we paddled over to TreeTop’s location. There we found Molly and her group on the ropes course. She was a bit surprised to see us, but didn’t let that distract her from her climbing.

Molly in the trees

The little girls, however, did not get to go to TreeTop with their group. So, we decided to take them after camp on Friday. Molly was happy to get the chance to do it again as well.

Treetop for kids

Leah figured out she could make a heart with her safety ropes and carabiners.

I love Treetop

You’re supposed to grab the black hand holds above, but Leah isn’t quite tall enough to reach them.

Hard to reach

Molly was a pro, having done the course before.


Leah is so comfortable on the tightwire she doesn’t even need to look at it as she walks.


Leah loved sliding on this seat, as you can see.

Fun ride

Emmie didn’t have quite the expression of joy that Leah did, but she enjoyed the ride too.

Emmie too

Molly got so comfortable on the course, she started showing off.


And don’t think that just because it’s a low ropes course, it doesn’t have ziplines. Here are Molly and Leah on the zipline at the end of the course.

Like the adults, the kids had a great time on TreeTop.

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