The end

After the last day of camp, we made sure to take a picture of the kids in the giant chair near the beach. (Don’t ask why they have a giant chair. Just accept that it’s awesome.) Here you can see a whole spectrum of emotions.

Giant chair

Now one with everybody. Everyone was happy to be taking this picture, as you can see.

Happy family

The week was so much fun, but it eventually had to come to an end. Saturday morning it was time to leave. Before hopping in the car, we took a picture of the four of us (and a couple of new stuffed animals). I believe this may have been the only picture of the four of us from the entire week.

The four of us

Thanks G’Mom and Grampa for an awesome week!


That was the end of our time in Callaway Gardens, but not the end of our trip. Everyone else was headed home, but we still had another destination before that. Next stop - Highlands, North Carolina to visit Grammy.

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