Highlands visit

We arrived at Grammy’s place and immediately ate lunch. We hung out for a while chatting (and doing a bit of tech support) before checking into our hotel. Then Grammy took us out for dinner and ice cream.

The next day, after going out to lunch, we headed to a playground. The girls played for a while, but were tempted by the pool next to the playground. So, we eventually changed into our swimsuits and the girls and I swam while Jen and Grammy chatted.

The pool had recently received some fancy upgrades including a retractable roof and this fun water slide. After passing a deep water test, Molly was allowed to use the slide (over and over). It wasn’t huge, but it was fast and shot you out so you almost skipped along the water. Thumbs up, Molly!

Water slide

After some baths, we headed to a pizza place for dinner. While we waited for our food, Leah made sure to show Grammy her lost tooth.

Lost tooth

Grammy took us to a fantastic ice cream shop called SweetTreats both evenings, which the girls loved. They let you create your own flavors, then sit outside to enjoy the delicious treat. Thanks, Grammy!

Thanks Grammy

After a couple days in Highlands and just under two weeks on the road, it was finally time to head home. The 11 hour drive home was uneventful (and included a delicious lunch at Zaxby’s). And then we finally got to sleep in our own beds again.

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