First day of school for all

First day of school

Yes, the day has come. Yesterday, Leah headed off to kindergarten. No longer a preschooler, she now joins her sister in elementary school.

Ready for kindergarten

Molly’s now an old pro, headed off to third grade. She’s wearing a skirt that Jen made for her this weekend.

Third grader

Grams made this dress for Aunt Caroline’s first day of kindergarten. Molly wore it her first day of kindergarten as well. Now Leah is wearing it her first day of kindergarten. The smocking plate is even called Kindergarten Scissors.

Traditional dress

Here’s Molly wearing it 3 years ago.

First day of kindergarten

And Aunt Caroline wearing it 19 years ago.

Aunt Caroline to kindergarten

I know that lots of kids dread the start of school, but these girls are definitely not like them. They’re very excited to get back in the classroom.

Excited for school

Two sisters, walking to school together for the first time.

Walking to school

As usual, the neighborhood kids gathered for a picture on the walk to school.

Neighborhood kids

While many of the kindergartners were crying at drop off, Leah and her new friend were happy to start the day.

Happy friends

Kindergartners lined up and following their teacher to their classroom.

Off to class

Both girls had an excellent first day, exiting the school with big smiles on their faces at the end of the day. We’re looking forward to a great school year.

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