Family fun

Tuesday after camp there was plenty of fun for the whole family. First, we all went for a scavenger hunt through the Sibley Horticultural Center at Callaway. Leah volunteered to be our scribe as we looked for plants based on the clues we were given.

Scavenger hunt

We had to write down the names of the plants and a secret letter on their signs, which we later used to decode a secret message.

Banana tree

It was tough, but we eventually found all the plants, got all the clues, and solved for the secret message. Then the kids got stickers for prizes.

After the scavenger hunt and dinner, it was time for more fun - Bingo night. So, we headed back over to the lake, got our Bingo cards, and found a table. These kids are ready to play.


JJ was the first winner at Bingo, though I’m not sure how happy he was about it.


He got to pick his prize. No surprise that he picked a green bucket - green is his favorite color.

Green bucket

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