Challenges on the water

Out a good way from the beach is a floating inflatable obstacle course called Aqua Island. All three of the girls got to go with their groups to it on Friday. It was tough for them to see it everyday but have to wait all week to go to it. Once Friday came, they were ready for fun.

Aqua Island

Here Leah, Molly, and Emmie are making their way off the trampoline and back to the beginning of the obstacle course.

Playing together

Molly is making her way across the monkey bars. Swinging on an inflatable may be tough, but at least you get some shade.

Monkey bars

All the girls were on Aqua Island together, but the older kids stayed for longer. So, Leah and Emmie made their way back, leaving Molly with her peers.

The little ones return

After a while, it seemed all Molly wanted to do was bounce on the trampoline. And make silly faces, apparently.


The girls weren’t the only ones to try out Aqua Island. Jen was especially excited to try it out on Tuesday. I was playing tennis, but she managed to drag her parents along with her to the floating obstacle course. Afterwards, she said it was like American Ninja Warrior in the water.

Aqua Island was not the only thing Jen dragged her parents to. As I’ve already written, she dragged them to kayaking and TreeTop. She even dragged them to Zumba with her Wednesday morning in the ski pavilion, though they didn’t stick around to ski with us (Grampa said he would have if they had not had a massage appointment then).


They were some seriously active grandparents. I hope I am that active when I get to their age.

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