Butterfly center

Camp didn’t start till Monday, so we used Sunday to have some fun on our own around Callaway. First stop for these cousins was the Day Butterfly Center.

Cousins and butterflies

Uncle J and JJ watch as the butterflies dance around.


Emmie managed to coax this butterfly onto her finger. This is also a rare picture of me in the reflection.

Got one

Leah very much wanted a butterfly to land on her. She had worn a brightly colored skirt to attract them, but was having trouble getting one. I told her to try sitting on this bench and remain very still. She sat there for 15 minutes unmoving. The rest of our group was so hot they left for some air conditioning, but Leah would not budge. Eventually, she was lucky to have this one land on her hand and stay for a while. When it left, she was determined to get another one. However, after a few more minutes of dripping sweat, I told her it was time to go.


Outside the butterfly center was a perfect place for a family picture of everyone.

All of us

The little kids actually got to go back to the butterfly center with their group during camp later in the week. Leah of course wore bright colors again, and said she had a fun time. We love butterflies!

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  1. emk says:

    Fab family pic!!!

  2. G'mom says:

    This was such a fun day – glad we got the family picture before the week really began!

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