On the last day of camp there were some award ceremonies. In the morning, we adults attended the awards for the little kids. Leah, Emmie, and JJ were kind enough to sit in together, making it easy to get them all in the shot.

Award ceremony

They sang a bunch of songs for us, though JJ decided not to participate.


This song was especially cute.

Emmie won the Miss Creative award, which apparently happens all the time for her. She’s got some serious arts and crafts skills (I wonder where that comes from). She seems pleased.

Budding artist

Leah won the Sweetheart award, which was well deserved in my unbiased opinion.

JJ won the Helper award. Here are all three of them with their awards.

Award winners

At the end of the camp day, Molly’s group had an awards ceremony as well.

Molly won the Best Smile award.

Best smile

Molly made a friend at camp. She befriended Daphne on the first day, and they stuck together all week.

Camp friend

The kids weren’t the only ones to get awards. I won the round robin tennis tournament at the end of the week. I didn’t tell the girls about it, so they didn’t find out until my name was announced at the circus. To say they were excited would be an understatement.

Tennis champion

My prize for winning the tennis tournament was this lovely t-shirt.


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