Arts and crafts

Michelle and Jen spent several days at Callaway bonding in the Arts & Crafts center. Creating a chevron zig zag on a seahorse door hanger takes a lot of math!

Arts & Crafts

Jen went for the zig zag and polka dot theme on her flip flop door hanger.

Door hanger

The sisters and their finished door hangers.

Finished crafts

The kids all did arts and crafts of different sorts as well, but I have no pictures to show you of that. They even made tie-dyed t-shirts (a highlight), though Molly almost didn’t. She was supposed to make hers Thursday afternoon outdoors, but it started raining and they had to cancel. Molly was quite upset that she wouldn’t get to make a shirt, which the counselors were shocked at since she’s always smiling. So, the counselors put their heads together and decided they could steal some time from circus skills and capture the flag to squeeze in tie-dying. Molly was thrilled.

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