Arrival at Callaway

The next part of our southern adventure was the longest. We went to Callaway Gardens for their Summer Family Adventure. Jen had come every year for 10 years as a kid, and her parents were eager to go back as soon as their grandkids were old enough. This year we finally made it happen.

The Summer Family Adventure is a family camp. You stay with your family at Callaway (usually in cottages, though we stayed in a big villa to hold all of us). In the morning, the kids go off to camp, with counselors in charge of groups by age. They enjoy lots of activities throughout the day. Parents are then free to do activities of their own, which there are a lot to choose from. At 3:00, you pick up your kids and spend the rest of the day together. There are lots of after camp activities as well, though some times you may want to relax a bit instead.

We arrived at Callaway Saturday afternoon, checked in, and unpacked. Camp didn’t start until Monday, which meant we had some time to ourselves. So, we took the kids to the pool near our villa to cool off.

In case you were wondering, Leah has an outstanding cannonball.

Callaway pool

I love her face in this one.

Here I come

Here’s what it looks like after she enters the water.

Emmie got this ring.


Molly’s reaching as far as she can for this ring.


Leah keeps getting better and better at swimming.


That wasn’t the only time we went swimming. On Wednesday, we decided to go to a bigger pool, but found that it was very crowded. So, we changed plans and went to the pool near our villa which was not crowded at all. Uncle J was happy to help Leah fly over the pool.

More swimming

But this is only a preview of the Callaway fun. The real action is still to come.

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