Savannah visit

Last year, after driving 12 hours to Savannah and back for a one day stay, I came up with the idea of combining multiple southern visits into a single trip. That way we’d only have to make the long drive once for several trips. Amazingly, this plan was actually enacted. So, we made the drive down to Savannah to begin the fun.

We brought a bunch of pictures for Grandaddy, and Leah was happy to tell him about them.

Pictures for Grandaddy

“This is me graduating from preschool”

Look here

While in Savannah, we took advantage of the flat terrain to go for our first ever family bike ride. Most kids take their first long bike ride down a picturesque bluff on the river, right?

Family bike ride

Half way through, we took a break for a drink and a picture. Note the dock far in the background between the girls - that’s Grandaddy’s dock.

Break on the bluff

The bluff is usually pretty empty, but today it was packed. Adam Sandler and David Spade were filming a movie there, so there was crew all over the place. Thankfully they didn’t mind us riding through their set as long as they weren’t filming at that moment.

Movie shoot

We spent most of our visit relaxing and visiting. As always, rocking on the dock was delightful.

Rocking on the dock

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