Mommy Sewing Lessons, Week 3

For Week 3 of Mommy Sewing Lessons, I worked with the girls to sew pillowcases. I pre-cut the fabric, so first was the introduction to pinning.

First sewing project

Leah was very diligent in her pinning.

Lots in pins

Molly was quick to sew the top contrasting band of her pillowcase.

Contrasting band

Leah was very focused on her sewing, even taking time to practice removing the pins. I needed to help guide her sewing a bit more than big sister though.

Very focused

We used the “hot dog” method of sewing a pillowcase, which involves rolling the main fabric inside the contrasting band. The fabrics are then pulled right side out.

Hot Dog method

This method is a fun trick to enclose raw edges of the fabric. Leah had fun pulling her main fabric through the "hot dog bun."

Fun sewing method

Molly was so excited to make her pillowcase that even pinning more fabric was fun!

Next step, more pins

The floor was the perfect workspace for Leah to pin her pillowcase sides together.

Floor workspace

After I serged the inside edges to prevent fraying, the last step was to top stitch the contrasting band. Both girls have slightly wonky lines, but they did great!

Last step

Molly and Leah were so proud of their first project. After proudly showing Chad, Molly ran to her room to switch the pillowcase on her pillow!

New pillowcases

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  1. […] Our church once again took part in the day of service on MLK day. There were lots of service activities, but the girls were most excited to sew pillowcases for kids in the hospital. So, we headed there first so the girls could use their skills. […]

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