Mommy Sewing Lessons, Week 1

The girls expressed interest learning to sew this summer. So, I have started “Mommy Sewing Lessons” with them. I created a seven week lesson plan, gathering ideas and printables from several blogs. Since the girls' new machine was still on the way, our first lesson was with my Bernina.

Mommy Sewing Lessons

To introduce the basics of the sewing machine, we started with sewing straight lines on paper.

Sewing on paper

Molly is doing a great job of keeping her eyes on her project.

Eyes on the machine

After the girls mastered the straight lines, they moved on to practicing turning corners and angles.

Corners and angles

The finale of their first lesson was completing a Connect the Dots, sewing version!

Connect the Dots

They then requested more Connect the Dots to practice with. Looks like they've caught the sewing bug!

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