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Preschool graduation

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Last week was a big day for Leah - graduation day! Which meant it was Leah’s last day of preschool. This is very bittersweet as we love our preschool. I can’t believe she’s gotten so big.

Graduation day

For reference, here she was on her first day of preschool this year.

First day of preschool

And her first day last year.

First day of school

And for good measure, from the year before, her very first day of preschool.

First day of preschool

Jen made Leah a new dress for her preschool graduation. She was a bit crunched to find sewing time with G’Mom and Grampa in town, but the dress was finished on time!

Graduation dress

Here’s Leah sitting up front in her cap, gown, and stole, ready to graduate.


Hey, that’s me!


Here’s a taste of what the graduation ceremony was like for those who could not be present.

Of note, her teacher predicts that she will be a “Broadway musical star”. If you look back 3 years to Molly’s graduation video, you’ll find that she was predicted to be a “Broadway superstar”. I guess it runs in the family.

And here she is receiving her diploma.


Smile! I had to take this quickly before she hurried off the steps.


Here’s Leah with Miss Kelly and Miss Kathy.

Student and teachers

Molly really wanted to be there for Leah’s graduation, so we relented and let her skip school for the morning to attend.

Sister pic

Grams, Jen, and I were there too.

Graduate and family

Leah’s a popular girl in her class. She may be drawn on the top of one of these boys’ hats.

Boy pic

Friends, graduates. In cute dresses.

Friend pic

We managed to avoid being too sad about the end of preschool because Leah was signed up for a 1 week day camp at her preschool the following week. So, graduation wasn’t the end. Sadly, today is the last day of that camp. So, now it really is the end. And now my eyes seem to be wet for some reason. Congratulations, Leah!

Miscellaneous grandparent fun

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I’ve already written about lots of big fun with grandparents during their visit, but there was smaller fun as well. For instance, there was book reading.

There are a lot of voices in the girls’ usual night time stories. G’Mom and Grampa didn’t know what they were in for when they agreed to read to the girls. Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat who wishes he was a Chihuahua, and the books include a lot of Spanish words. It’s a great book, but requires you to really get into the characters.

Night time reading

Leah played some Crazy 8’s with G’Mom and Grampa while Molly was at school on Tuesday.

Card sharks

G’Mom and Grampa went along with Leah to tennis lessons as well.

Tennis lessons

And there were some presents along the way as well. Here are the girls with their grandparents and their new journals.

With grandparents

Thanks for coming to visit, G’Mom and Grampa!

Bike riding

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After a morning picking strawberries, the girls still had plenty of energy. So, we broke out the bikes to show G’Mom and Grampa the girls’ bike riding skills.

Leah is a determined rider, focused on what’s in front of her.

Bike riding

Here’s a bit of video showing off Leah’s skills as well as her brand new bike.

After riding bikes and scooters for an hour, the girls took a short playground break. I love how fun Leah’s personality has become.

Playground break

Oh, and there was also some bike chasing.

The chase

Strawberry picking

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On Memorial Day, Larriland Farm opened their strawberry fields. All of us (G’Mom, Grampa, Jen, Molly, Leah, and I) made the trip to pick a few pounds of them.

Strawberry picking

It’s important to sample the fruit your picking to make sure it is up to your standards.

Taste testing

The girls frequently showed the interesting-looking ones to us.

Look at this one!

You’ve got to get down low to pick strawberries. Consequently, I mostly let everyone else do the picking while I took the pictures.

Down low

Here we all are with our haul. We ended up with 16 pounds which is a lot. Next time, we’ll get more though, as you get a discount if you go over 20 pounds.

Strawberry pickers

After picking the strawberries, we headed to the Red Barn on the farm to see what else they had for sale. The girls got some fudge, and sampled it quickly.

Fudge too

Outside the barn, they had some goats and alpacas that the girls fed. This little alpaca was just the right height for them.


It was a fun (and delicious) morning outing.

Happy Birthday, Jen

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Sunday was Jen’s birthday. After morning worship, we headed home for some lunch and birthday presents.

When we pulled out the presents for Jen, she was surprised to have large boxes from both of the girls. One large box might have been the inline skates she’d been wanting, but two? Ah, now she sees. This large box from Molly only has one skate in it.

Birthday surprise

After getting one skate, what could be in the large box from Leah?

Next box

It’s another skate!

Another skate

That afternoon, we went to a performance of Godspell by the Young Columbians. Then we all went to the Ale House for a delicious birthday dinner.

Birthday dinner

Those desserts in front of us are their Skillet Cookie - a big chocolate chip cookie cooked in a small cast iron skillet, which they bring out still hot and in the skillet with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It’s crazy good.

Happy Birthday, Jen!