Happy birthday Grammy

We had another big birthday in our family. Grammy turned 85, and we all gathered together at Grams’s house to celebrate her birthday.

Happy birthday Grammy

Uncle Scott always has something interesting on his phone to show the girls.

Phone time

Dinner was fabulous. It’s great to get us all around Grams’s big dining room table.


For some reason, Grams decided not to put 85 candles on Grammy’s cake.

Missing candles

Uncle Scott had even more to show on his phone.

More phone fun

I call this photo Gramsy ;)


Then it was time to open some presents. This present to her was quite a surprise.




Uncle Scott and Aunt EA are known for musical cards, and they did not disappoint. Leah’s showing Grammy how to make it sing.

Fancy card

It was indeed a fun card.

Fun card

Musical cards can cause spontaneous dance parties.

Dance party

Happy birthday, Grammy!

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