Nature center field trip

I got to chaperone Molly’s class field trip to the Robinson Nature Center. Thankfully, we had a beautiful day. Nature’s much more fun when it’s not cold and rainy, as it was the day before we went.

Robinson Nature Center

Our group first walked through the exhibits, including a large forest exhibit. Part of it was even a nocturnal forest. Then we went into a classroom to learn a bit. During our classroom session, we learned about the different types of vertebrates, including amphibians like these American Toad tadpoles.


After the class time, we ate lunch outside. Then we went on a nature walk through the woods, learning along the way.

Nature walk

Our final activity was a fun show in the NatureSphere planetarium about the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Planetarium show

The trip was lots of fun for everyone. The Robinson Nature Center is a great place, and now I know they put on a great field trip.

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