Grandparents and baking

G’Mom and Grampa came in town to celebrate Jen’s birthday. After arriving late Friday night, they immediately started baking with the girls Saturday morning. Their first project - chocolate angel food cake for Jen’s birthday.

Grandparent baking

Baking a cake was not enough. So, on Monday they baked some scones with G’Mom as well.


Yes, there was even more baking. On Tuesday, Leah and G’Mom baked 6 mini-loaves of English muffin bread.

Still more baking

And if that wasn’t enough, Jen immediately followed them up by baking Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. In addition to meals and a few other extras, our kitchen was out of breath by the end of their visit.

A lot more happened during their visit, but I’ll save that for future blog posts.

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