Happy Easter

When Easter morning arrived, the girls were very excited to get downstairs (after the appointed time we set, of course) and see what the Easter Bunny had brought.

Easter morning

A big hit this year - Peep bunny stuffed toys.


Leah loves her new Peep bunny.

Huggable Peep

They received a bunch of books, so it wasn’t long before they sat down to read a bit.


We then got dressed and headed to church for Easter service. Then, on to Grams’s house for some family time.

While there, we took a photo of the four of us. We’ve never had a successful family picture taken so quickly. Uncle Scott must have been working some magic behind the camera to get nice smiles out of Molly and Leah so quickly.

They know how to smile!

I brought and set up a portable studio for the previous shot (just a simple 2 flash setup), so I asked if anyone else wanted their picture taken as well while it was set up. Aunt EA and Uncle Scott were happy to have their portrait taken as well.

One more

Then it was time for some food and family fun. Happy Easter everyone!

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