Chocolate tour

For Christmas, Jen got us tickets to a Chocolate Tour of DC in Georgetown. Here’s our fabulous tour guide, Linda, at our first stop, Sprinkles.

Chocolate tour

Sprinkles is the cupcake place founded by the lady from Cupcake Wars. According to several folks, they’re better than Georgetown Cupcakes. After trying them, I think I agree.


The second stop on the tour was my favorite - Thomas Sweet. We had some of their fudge - dark chocolate with caramel in the middle and salt on top. It was outstanding - so good that I may have had a second helping.

Thomas Sweet

Next stop - Godiva for some basic chocolate.


We then headed to Olivia Macaron for some delicate French macarons (not to be confused with macaroons). Note that macarons are commonly filled with chocolate ganache, which is why they qualify for the chocolate tour.

Olivia Macaron

Our tour guide was nice enough to take a picture of the two of us. It took her a second to do so, however, as she was interrupted by a woman who had followed us in off the street to ask Jen where she bought her dress. She was sad to learn that Jen had made the dress herself, so there was no chance of her purchasing it.

The two of us

Our next stop was Dean & Deluca for some fancy chocolate from Bolivia.

Dean & Deluca

Our last stop was Pie Sisters, a great place with pies of all kinds. We had tiny chocolate pecan pies which were fantastic. And thus ended our delicious afternoon of chocolate. We didn’t have time to linger, though, as Jen had planned a fancy dinner immediately afterward.

Pie Sisters

For dinner, we went to the very fancy Farmers Fishers Bakers. Jen got the Ahi Tuna Poke Salad and I got some very yummy Corvina.

Farmers Fishers Bakers

My favorite part of the dinner was this Hibiscus Lime Rickey. I knew it would be tart, but it exceeded my expectations. Wow!


It was a wonderful outing for the two of us. In case you were wondering where the girls were, they spent the day having tons of fun with Aunt EA and Uncle Scott who live pretty close to Georgetown. Their day included duckpin bowling, toys, Ledo Pizza, watching a movie, and eating cake. Thanks Aunt EA and Uncle Scott!

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