Birthday dinner

We got together for dinner with my side of the family to celebrate Molly’s birthday at a different restaurant this year. Usually, Molly wants to go to Red Robin since they sing. At the urging of some of the older attendees, she said she decided this year we’d go some place with tacos. Jen called around and found that they would sing on weekends at La Palapa, a local Mexican restaurant. It was awesome - good food and great singing (including the sombrero she was hoping for).

Birthday dinner

Here’s a taste of the birthday singing. I obviously had trouble recording this. I'm not sure I should even bother posting it, but it's short and gives you an idea of how great it was.

After dinner out, we headed back to our house for cake, ice cream, and of course presents.

Opening presents

More presents

This was a gift we hadn’t heard of, but the girls have really enjoyed it since opening it up and starting to build.


Happy birthday again, Molly!

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