Penguin sliding

This morning, I didn’t have anything planned so I was happy to sleep in a bit. Leah, however, had other plans. She wanted to go sledding (Molly and Jen were headed to ballet). So, about 8:30, Leah attacked me in bed, including ripping off the covers, opening the windows, repeatedly jumping on me, and several wet willies. So, I got up, ate some breakfast, and headed out with her into the snow.

We sledded a bunch, but Leah also found she loved sledding on her belly without the sled, the same way a penguin slides on ice. Here’s an example of what I mean.

I’m impressed how well this works in deep snow. I guess it helps to have such steep hills. And she would sometimes use the tracks left by our sled runs, which meant she could get even more speed.

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