Fun and fractures

Saturday, the girls broke out Twister and insisted that G’Mom and Grampa join in the fun. Moments after this picture, Molly took a tumble.


That afternoon, we decided to head to the rink for a little roller skating. Molly’s an old pro at this point.


Leah’s doing pretty well skating as well. She especially loves skating holding both of our hands. She had such a good time, she lasted much longer than Molly.

With her parents

Not sure how long it’s been since Grampa was on skates, but he was happy to get out there and roll around.

Grampa too

G’Mom was doing great skating as well. Well, at least until she decided to go around one more time before we left…

G'Mom looking stable

On G’Mom’s final lap, a young girl darted in front of her, causing her to fall on her wrist. This led to an ER visit, revealing a very bad break. In order to line up the bones before putting on a cast, they hung her hand from this odd contraption.

Finger trap

They put her arm in a cast and a sling, as you can see here. This was just a temporary measure, though, as she had to head to the orthopedic surgeon when she got back home for surgery to insert a plate and screws to hold everything together.

Broken arm

She’s home recovering from surgery now. We hope you feel better soon!

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