A lot of snow

Thursday it snowed all day. In the end, we got 8-10 more inches, which left us with about 14 inches on the yard. After a lot of shoveling, the mounds of snow lining the driveway were almost as tall as the mailbox. The girls thought they were lots of fun. They called this one their palace, and enjoyed playing at the top. Molly of course feasted on the snow. And I have no idea what Leah is doing here. Perhaps singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes through her teeth?

A lot of snow

The snow was great for building a snowman. So we built a big one - about the size of Leah. The snowball on the bottom was so heavy I could barely lift it. Of course, you have to name your snowman. After some thought, the girls picked the perfect name - Abraham Lincoln.

Big snowman

Looks just like him.

Abraham Lincoln

Thanks to this snow, there was no school Thursday or Friday. Thanks to a bit of snow and a lot of ice, there was no school Monday either. So, this was a 2 day school week. We’re not making any early summer plans.

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