Indoor soccer

Leah has taken up soccer this winter. Since outdoor soccer in the cold/snow/ice is a poor plan, this is of course indoors. Here she is knocking over cones as she pretends to be the Joker (the other team was Batman, who had to pick up the cones to fix the city broken by Joker).

Indoor soccer

When Leah picked soccer, she said she wanted to do it with “the people who talk funny”. This meant she wanted soccer with UK Elite, where all the teachers are from the UK. She loved soccer with them this past summer, and it’s just as much fun indoors in the winter. Here she is trying to hit Syndrome (played by Coach Ian) with a fireball to stop his evil antics.


Leah’s moving as fast as Dash. Too fast for any camera.

Moving fast

Leah scores a goal!


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