Hood photoshoot fun

Yesterday, Jen posted pictures of the hoodies she had made. I thought I might follow up with a few extras and outtakes from that photoshoot. First, a few close-ups.

Close up

Close up number 2

Close up

And here are a couple extras of Leah looking cute with her hood up and down.

Hood up

Hood down

Molly showed off some more extreme poses.

Fun dress

Where’d everybody go?

Where'd everybody go?

Between her muscles and her hood, I think she’s ready to join team Arrow.

Super hero

What did you say?


Adding Leah into the picture surprisingly did not make things get serious. I asked them for a nice hug. Looks like Leah might think this is a bit too tight.

Too tight!

Leah wants to give a kiss. Molly’s not excited about the idea.

No kissing

Of course, adding me into the mix calmed things down for a second. But only a second. Soon Leah and Molly were thinking about shenanigans again.


Umm, that’s not your arm, Leah.

The grab

Goodbye composure.

Composure gone

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear

Oh, right. We’re supposed to be looking at the camera.

Oh, right

Photography is such a fun hobby!

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