Fresh powder

While we’ve had a lot of cold in January and February, we haven’t had much snow. Monday night gave us our first significant snowfall (about 5 inches). So, after having President’s Day off on Monday, Molly had a snow day on Tuesday.

The snow was a very fine powder, the kind I imagine skiers love. This is great for sledding (though not as great for snowmen who need wetter, stickier snow). The girls and I headed out for some fun on the hills in our side yard and our neighbor's yard. Here are a couple of the early runs.

The powder meant Leah could kick up a real cloud of snow while sliding down the hill without a sled (as she is wont to do).


The powdery snow wasn’t sticky enough for snowmen and snowballs, but the girls made snowballs anyway. They wouldn’t stick together very long, so they could only be thrown from close range.

Snowball fight

After some fun, everyone helped out with the shoveling. The girls were even kind enough to shovel off my car.


Looking out the window as I write this, it looks like I’m in the middle of a snow globe. We may have waited a while for our first decent snow, but it seems to have only taken 4 days to get another one.

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