Following our inner stars

For the past year, Molly and Leah have been asking to visit the American Girl store. So, I surprised them and we followed our inner stars into the northern Virginia DC suburbs, along with Matilda and Ellie.

Trip to American Girl store

The store is two levels of dolls, doll cloths, girl clothes, and lots of accessories. Molly found a cute hat to model.

Modeling a cute hat

I never thought I'd be taking my child’s picture in a bathroom, but I had to show how well thought out the store is. The bathrooms all included doll holders, in the stalls and by the sinks.

Pictues in the bathroom?

There are doll displays all over the store. Leah found a perfect place for Rose to have a chat with a new friend, Grace.

Playing before lunch

Apparently Grace is a friendly girl because Molly McIntire needed to meet the new Girl of the Year too.

Molly found the same friend

While there, we also had lunch at the Bistro, complete with seats for the dolls at the table.

Bistro lunch

Each doll was presented with a tea cup and saucer, because dolls get thirsty at lunchtime too.

Doll drinks

Molly did a nice job of documenting that Stacie, Julie, and I enjoyed the day as well.

Budding photographer

After lunch, Molly McIntire and Rose were treated to an afternoon at the doll salon. I was happy that someone else was brushing the dolls’ hair.

Doll salon

The dolls also had a nice spa treatment, including a cleaning, massage, and nice smelling powder.

Doll spa

Leah chose a fishtail braid for Rose, who sat very patiently to have her hair braided.

Fancy braid for Rose

New hairstyles, a spa cleaning, and new clothes. I’d say Rose and Molly McIntire had a great day. Oh, Molly and Leah loved the day too!

New clothes too

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