Ice skating

For our final day of visitors, we decided to go ice skating at our local rink. This was Emmie’s first time ice skating (and Leah’s first successful time).

Ready to skate

Here’s Leah skating with a walker for the first time. She did great, both holding hands and using the walker.

Leah skating

Molly and Emmie flew around the ice as fast as their walkers would let them.

Molly and Emmie

Leah was hilarious. She’d skate around with us, then say she wanted a break. But as soon as she stepped off the ice, she’d say she changed her mind and wanted to keep skating. So, back onto the ice she’d go.

Hand holding

Every time we go ice skating, we leave the rink wondering why we don’t do it more often. It’s so much fun, close by, and included in our gym/tennis/etc. membership so we only have to pay skate rental fees.

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