Dad’s Day at preschool

I joined Leah at preschool for Dad’s Day yesterday. Since school’s out for Father’s Day, they celebrate in January. All the dads are invited to come to class for the day and share in the fun. Here’s Leah learning about keeping her teeth healthy.

Dad's Day

Leah’s drawing her favorite food (Neapolitan ice cream). I guess she likes the strawberry the best, since that scoop is much larger than the vanilla or chocolate.


We made our own snacks - fruit kabobs.

Fruit kabobs

Leah and Norah had a good time working the cash register at the grocery store.


Here’s the whole class. Items of note - Leah’s a bit bored waiting on me to take this picture. While most kids are focused on tasks, there are a couple of kids chasing each other over the theft of the cash register money. And, of course, a couple of girls are wearing dress-up dresses (though, surprisingly, not Leah).

Preschool class

Gotta love snack time. I’m ready to go back to preschool.

Snack time

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