A trio of dresses

Hoodies are all the rage in our house right now. After I made Chad's new hoodie, Leah requested one too. Though for this "dresses and skirts only" girl, it couldn't be just a regular hoodie. So, I made her a Hangout Hoodie dress. Leah picked the fabric and was so excited to wear her new dress to school on Friday.

Hoodie dress

She was also kind enough to model a few Blue Ribbon dresses recently. The first dress was a birthday gift for Leah's friend, Matilda.

Modeling a new dress

It's a perfect dress for spinning!

Great for spinning

She had to show off the back.

Such a cutie

You can't have a photo shoot without at least one silly shot.


And maybe a scary one too!


A week later, I made the same style dress for Emmie's birthday. Leah was again willing to model.

Modeling dress #2

Making sure you see the back

She does love to spin

Photo bomb

Happy 6th birthday to you, Emmie and Matilda!


  1. emk says:

    The dresses (and model) are adorable!!! Fun to see y’all today!

  2. Grammy says:

    Jen, I love the dresses….You are so smart to make them! Leah, you are a fabulous model! Much Love….

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