Ornaments galore

Acquiring the tree was not enough for the girls - they wanted to decorate it as well. So, we broke out the ornaments and put on the Christmas music. Leah hung the first ornament.

First ornament

And many more.

Another ornament

Trying to avoid having all the ornaments along the bottom of the tree, Mommy gave Molly a bit of a lift.

A little higher

And a bit more of a lift.

And a little higher

I can lift, too.

Leah up high

And my shoulders get them even higher.

Even higher

Just chilling

Eventually, parent ladders give way to real ladders. Leah wasn't up for climbing up high, but Molly was happy to.

Ladder time

I still do the angel on top, as long arms are required.

Angel on top

Here’s the tree, fully decorated. Oh, and some goobers in front of it.

Complete tree

Strike a pose.

Strike a pose

And another pose.

Future models

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  1. Grammy says:

    It’s a beautiful tree! Love you all!

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