Lots of singing

We’ve had a lot of singing around here lately. First, Molly sang with her choir in church. Note that in her new older kids’ choir, she even has music in a fancy folder to read off.

The next week, Leah sang with her choir.

Lastly, the girls were a part of our church's Walk to Bethlehem. They were part of the heavenly host, and got to sing Gloria for each group that passed by. It was raining, so they wore ponchos over their angel outfits. Leah wouldn't go out without Jen, so Jen joined in the fun as well.

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  1. Aunt Jan says:

    Children’s Choir is a great place to begin learning to read music. I’m glad that Molly is exposed to that in her choir. “Everywhere I Go” is a great piece for children’s choirs — it’s been around a long time and has stood the test of time, as any well-written music will do. Both choirs sound great!

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