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Final day in Alabama

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Our final day in Alabama was not quite as busy as Saturday. We went to church in the morning. In fact, I even got to play guitar and sing there. Uncle J was supposed to lead a children's worship time, but he was sick and lacking much of a voice. So, he brought me along for a little help. He played banjo and harmonica while I played guitar, and we both sang. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

After church, we went out to eat with Great Uncle Ted and Great Aunt Jeannie. Then we headed back to the house to pack up and head to the airport.

As they always do, the girls made sure to study the safety information for our airplane.

Safety first

Safety comes first, but silly comes second.

Silly second

First Auburn visit

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On Saturday, we headed to Auburn for the first time in 8 years. Our first stop was the Auburn Wesley Foundation, where Jen and I spent much of our time during college. Here we are with David, the director there that also happened to marry us.

Auburn Wesley Foundation

The church next to the Wesley Foundation, Auburn United Methodist Church, is where Jen and I got married. We wanted to show the girls inside, but it was locked up. So, we got a picture on the front steps.

Auburn United Methodist Church
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Headed to Alabama

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We took advantage of having Rosh Hashanah off of school to head to Alabama. The girls have wanted to go to an Auburn game for a while, and we decided this would be the year. So, we planned to go down to Alabama to see Jen's family, and all of us would go to the game on Saturday.

We flew into Birmingham Thursday night. Friday morning Emmie had school, but the rest of us adventured to AirWalk for some trampoline fun. Leah got the hang of the big jump into the foam pit very quickly.

AirWalk in Birmingham

Everyone got in on the jumping action, even G’Mom.

Everyone jumping

Molly and Jen did some synchronized jumping.

Synchronized jumping

We headed back to the house for lunch, and the kids got in a little porch play before lunch.

Pre-lunch porch play

JJ doesn’t need to look at me to throw toys at this photographer. Duck!

Without looking

Emmie was in for a surprise when she got off the bus to such fanfare.

Bus stop welcome

And we were in for a surprise when Emmie told us she’d lost a tooth at school that day.

Lost tooth

We then headed over to visit with Grandma Dot.

Visiting Dot

Molly had plenty of stories to tell Grandma Dot.

Great granddaughter stories

Leah must have told Grandma Dot something shocking to elicit this face. Either that or she’s become a vampire in her old age and is about to take a bite out of Leah.


The girls then put on an impromptu dance show for Grandma Dot.

Dance demonstration

That evening, we had an Auburn parade. Both Jen and G’Mom had made new Auburn outfits for all four kids. So, they showed them off, accessorizing them with megaphones. JJ might need a lesson in how to use a megaphone.

Auburn parade

Here are the Auburn clothes Jen made. She made JJ’s shirt, Emmie’s dress, Molly’s skirt, and Leah’s dress.

Auburn clothes

G’Mom also made the kids Auburn clothes. She made all 3 girls’ dresses, as well as JJ’s shorts.

Outfit number 2

Then it was early to bed, as we had to get up early the next day to head to Auburn for the game.