First Auburn visit

On Saturday, we headed to Auburn for the first time in 8 years. Our first stop was the Auburn Wesley Foundation, where Jen and I spent much of our time during college. Here we are with David, the director there that also happened to marry us.

Auburn Wesley Foundation

The church next to the Wesley Foundation, Auburn United Methodist Church, is where Jen and I got married. We wanted to show the girls inside, but it was locked up. So, we got a picture on the front steps.

Auburn United Methodist Church

Just outside J&M, JJ posed for a picture with his Mommy.

With Mommy

We took a family picture in front of the Auburn sign. It was a hopping place, with a line of people waiting their turn.

Auburn sign

We spent a bit of time hanging out on the lawn in front of Samford Hall.

Samford Hall

The Longs


Molly was on a mission to find a pink Auburn hat (it’s hard to read, but it says “auburn tigers” in white). We bought it at J&M, but told her she had to wait until we’d taken some pictures without it. Here she is after we let her put it on. I think she likes it.

New hat

Molly and me, in our Auburn hats, in front of Samford Hall. :)

Molly and me

Leah and Mommy are showing off their Auburn tattoos. Leah liked hers so much she kept it on all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and until after school on Monday.


4 kids, 4 Auburn outfits, 4 Auburn hats. Taken in front of Samford Hall on Auburn’s campus.

Auburn kids

The girls were so excited about seeing Aubie that when Molly saw this big, blowup Aubie, she just had to take a picture with him.

Hello, Aubie!

We’re finally on the way to the game!

Our own Tiger Walk

About to head in to Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Outside the stadium

We found our seats (which I was very thankful were not in the upper deck as that’s a bit too high for me) at the very top of the lower deck. Well, they were actually one row down, which we found out when the people who actually had these seats informed us of our mistake.

Back row

Inside the stadium before the game, G’Mom taught Leah how to use binoculars.

Binocular lessons

Jen and I are ready to see an Auburn game at Jordan-Hare for the first time in a long time.

The two of us

These Auburn fans are ready for the pregame show.

Ready to watch

Leah spent much of the game watching on Mommy’s lap, using the binoculars she stole from G’Mom.

Watching with Mommy

The crowd was pretty full despite the fact that Louisiana Tech was not the toughest opponent. In case you were wondering, the kick shown here went in.

The crowd

The girls were very excited to get to see Aubie. Here he is in his royal garb knighting a police officer.


The half time show was lots of fun. Since it was Homecoming, the Auburn band was joined by the alumni band. Our cousin Mike (who had Molly in his wedding as the flower girl) is the trumpet player with a white fedora on the back row.

Cousin music

Great Aunt Jan (Mike’s mom) was also in the alumni band, playing piccolo. She’s harder to pick out, so I’ve spotlighted her.

More relative music

Our little family is enjoying the game.

The four of us

Well into the game, the kids are still cheering. Leah did at points get tired of watching and want to leave, but she recovered well.

Cheering kids

In the fourth quarter, the girls and I headed down to the alumni band to visit great aunt Jan and cousin Mike. We had fun visiting and getting to be down right by the field. And whenever something happened on the field causing the band to play, we got to be right in the middle of it.

Visiting the band

When we visited the band, we got to see the game from all the way up front, right behind the hedges. It can be hard to see what’s going on from that angle, but it’s really cool to be so close to the action. This change of angle was the perfect thing to reinvigorate the girls at the end of the game. Molly loved seeing the game up close, and the 5 year olds were intrigued by the hedges themselves.

Up front

Leah decided to show Mike how prickly the holly hedges were.


Yes, it was hilarious. Mike’s got a nack for getting little kids to laugh.


Rolling Toomer’s Corner has been a long-time tradition at Auburn. Since the tragic poisoning of the trees, the rolling has expanded to the entire lawn in front of Samford Hall. Molly was excited to get to participate in this tradition.


JJ was amazed by all the action.


Jen showed Leah how it was done.

How it's done

Then it was Leah’s turn to give it a throw.

Leah's turn

After that, we picked up some pizzas from Mellow Mushroom and headed back the Wesley Foundation to chow down. Then around 8:00 we hopped in our vehicles for the drive back to Birmingham.

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    I can’t believe you hadn’t been there in 8 years! WOW! Looks like a fabulous trip to make up for lost time!

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