Halloween begins a few days early

Ever since Halloween last year, we’ve had an ongoing conversation about costumes for this year. We all wanted to do a family costume and Jen was ready for a break from princesses after the last three years. Jen and I pushed for more creative costumes (e.g. a lunch box, sandwich, juice box, etc.) while the girls wanted something more common. In the end, they really wanted to be superheroes, so we decided to make up superheroes of our own. From left to right - the Caped Computer Crusader, Music Molly, Rainbow Girl, and the Super Seamstress. Together we are the Super Sellers.

The Super Sellers

Jen made all the capes, masks, and tutus and appliquéd the designs on their 3 shirts. She also cut the hole in my shirt and applied stabilizer in it. In that hole is an iPad running an app I wrote for this that types out computer code (complete with typing sounds). Also, Music Molly has an iPhone strapped to her leg playing music wherever she goes. Here are a few more pictures of us to enjoy:

Ready to fly


Silly one

Since Halloween day was going to be very busy and Aunt Caroline would not be home early enough to see the girls then, we decided to trick-or-treat at Grams’s house a few days early. We were already getting dressed up to go to Trunk-or-Treat at church, so Sunday made a good time to visit Grams as well.

Early trick-or-treating

We wanted to get a few pictures with the girls, but Leah decided to be stubborn and refused to take them. Eventually she came around.


The girls are superheroes, while Aunt Caroline and Grams maintain their secret identities.

Super family

Before arriving at the Trunk-or-Treat festivities at church, we already knew where the girls wanted to go first - the donut swing.

Donuts first

After some indoor fun, we headed outside to trunk-or-treat.


This car was our favorite - a prison cell with a little door to reach through for candy.

Prison candy

The girls were very excited about the costume competition, and even more excited when we won for best family costume (the Minnie Mouse jar full of candy was the prize).

We won

All that, and Halloween was still 5 days away. Lots more fun to be had before then.


  1. G'mom says:

    What a great way to begin Halloween week! All those creative juices and hard work paid off! Congrats to everyone!

  2. Patricia says:

    LOVE IT!

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